The role of Cooler Cart

Update: 2022/01/28

Use Cooler Cart to keep your picnic food and drink cold […]

Use Cooler Cart to keep your picnic food and drink cold on a hot summer's day.

Cold food should always be kept at 5 degrees Celcius or below to keep it safe for human consumption. There is no better way to make sure this happens than to use insulated coolers, or esky's as they are also known.

If you are feeding a crowd and have to take a fair bit of food on your picnic a backpack is often just not big enough. You can use a cooler to carry extra food and drink.

Cold air escapes from Cooler Cart every time the lid is opened so it is a good idea to take two coolers on a picnic.

Use one exclusively for drinks. It will be opened more often and heat up more quickly.

Use your other cooler for food so it has more chance of maintaining a low temperature.

There are two types of Cooler Carts on the market. One type is a solid hard-bodied insulated box, the other a strong, soft bag lined with waterproof insulating material. Both types have advantages and disadvantages.

Hard type Cooler Carts are more solid than soft-sided coolers and are covered in strong plastic. On a picnic, you can use the top as a small table or even as a seat for a small person.

Some are very big and heavy. When you are deciding which one to buy remember you will have to lift its full so if you need to carry lots of food and drink divide your picnic supplies between two Cooler Carts. It is easier to cart two smaller coolers than one big one. Some larger cooler eskys come with wheels which make them much easier to take to your picnic spot.

They are easy to keep clean and most have a bung in the bottom to drain water from melting ice.

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