Update: 2022/01/07

  We are a manufacturer of Outdoor Cooler Cart. Let me […]

  We are a manufacturer of Outdoor Cooler Cart. Let me share with you how to set the temperature of a refrigerated truck correctly.

  Set the thermostat at the required temperature, and pre-cool the car for 1.5 hours to remove the heat trapped in the car; turn off the refrigerating unit during loading and quickly load the cargo.

  When loading goods, the carriage must first be pre-cooled or pre-heated. Because the vehicle is parked in the open air, the temperature of the vehicle compartment is usually the temperature of the outside environment. If the temperature of the goods being transported is not the ambient temperature, and the goods are loaded into the carriage, the ambient temperature will affect the temperature of the goods being transported, which will result in changes in the quality of the goods being transported. Therefore, the carriage must be pre-cooled to the required temperature before loading. However, the refrigeration unit must be turned off during loading (the same as unloading). Many people do not turn off the refrigeration unit when loading and unloading goods. In fact, this is a very wrong operation.

  The reason is: when we pre-cool the car, if we do not shut down the car and open the car door, because the fan of the refrigeration unit evaporator is working, the front of the fan is positive pressure, and the back of the fan is negative pressure, so the air-conditioning is from the upper part of the car The lower part will quickly suck in hot air from the outside, causing the temperature in the compartment to rise rapidly; if you load and unload cargo after the machine is turned off, the air flow will stop because the fan is in the stopped state, and the air pressure inside and outside the compartment will be the same, thus causing the outside heat The speed of air passing into the cabin is relatively slow.

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