Reasons to Add a Cooler Cart to Your Space

Update: 2022/02/19

Easy to Grab a Cold Beer Grabbing your favorite cold br […]

Easy to Grab a Cold Beer

Grabbing your favorite cold brew during a football game in your den, at your backyard pool, or whenever you get the inclination has never been easier than with a Cooler Cart. Cooler Carts have temperatures as low as 32 degrees F and maintain that internal temperature with an internal cooling condenser, so you know your favorite brew will come out frosty.

Big Families

Large families tend to buy in bulk, which can leave refrigerator space tight. Cooler Carts provide the catch-all for those beverages you like to keep on hand for your kids, such as juice, sports drinks, and water bottles in the den, media area, kitchen, or pantry. Cooler Carts can hold as little as 90 twelve-ounce cans up to as many as 150 twelve-ounce cans.

Quick Access to Beverages in Man Caves

Man caves are a sanctuary, especially when football season starts. When the moment calls for it, grab your favorite drink from the Cooler Cart. Not only do Cooler Carts chill your favorite removable beverages, but they're also designed with slide-out, removable beverages racks that help you better fit your drinks inside for easier convenience. They're the perfect addition to any basement or garage man cave.

Keep Minors Out/Restrict Unauthorized Use

Many Cooler Carts now come with security features that help you limit access to drinks inside the cooler. Several coolers now feature pop-out locks that lock the door to your cooler. This will keep minors out and restrict usage to your cooler if you're Storing beer or wine. It's a feature many customers appreciate since they can't lock their refrigerators. Look for a Cooler Cart with a lock if you have minors—or roommates--in the house and need a place to keep your alcohol at the perfect temperature.

Parties Stay In the Room

Entertain frequently? The nuisance of running to the kitchen or to the basement refrigerator to fill up on more drinks is a hassle. Why keep your guests waiting? The solution to keeping the party going without disruption is as simple as installing a Cooler Cart near your entertaining area and stocking it with your favorite drinks during a party.

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