Advantages of Cooler Cart

Update: 2022/03/11

For your comfort in summer, We designed and built this […]

For your comfort in summer, We designed and built this refrigerated truck project. This Cooler Cart will keep your drinks icy cold and serves as a perfect serving station on your deck or patio. This deck cooler cart project is made with dimension lumber, so all you have to do is cut the boards to length and follow our simple assembly instructions. This is a woodworking project that even a beginner can build.

The cooler cart features an insulated cooler box that is lined with aluminum, so it can get wet and is easy to clean. The interior of the cooler is sealed so that it will not leak. It also has a drain that makes it easy to empty when the ice has melted.

Take one for the road with this refrigerated truck. Able to hold a plethora of snacks, sodas, and refreshments this cooler also features a handy built-in shelf to increase its carrying capacity. The rolling design means that transporting a fully-loaded cooler to and from the party is a breeze and two strong handles on either side make tackling stairs a cinch. The built-in bottle opener and cap catcher make for an extra convenient experience. Perfect for tailgating, parties, camping, or any other outdoor activity, this refrigerated truck ensures nobody stays thirsty for long.
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