Little Knowledge of Cooler Cart

Update: 2022/03/04

Cooler Cart are not cold storages. In the concept of ma […]

Cooler Cart are not cold storages. In the concept of many people, the refrigeration unit on the Cooler Cart can freeze or heat the goods loaded into the compartment to the necessary temperature at will. In fact, the refrigeration unit is used to maintain the temperature of the cargo, not to reduce the temperature of the cargo. It is a bit similar to the quilts used to sell cold drinks in the past. The goods are wrapped. When the outside temperature enters the compartment of the Cooler Cart through radiation, conduction and convection, it will be taken away by the cold air blown by the refrigeration unit, isolating the heat source from entering the goods.

With the development of the transportation industry, various rapid transportation tools make the transfer of materials more and more convenient and fast. It only takes a few hours at most to transport lychees in the south to any city in the north by plane. However, the cost of air transportation is high and the volume is limited. Is there a Cooler Cart with low freight rate, large transportation volume and good fresh-keeping effect?

The emergence of refrigerated trucks has enabled many perishable fruits, meat, cold drinks and other foods to be transported over long distances under the conditions of freezing and preservation.

In the past, some refrigerated trucks were refrigerated by adding ice to refrigerate, that is, in the compartment of the refrigerated truck, a mixture of many large ice cubes and salt was placed, which could keep the ambient temperature in the compartment below -8 °C. However, this refrigeration method can only be maintained for a limited period of time. If long-distance refrigerated transportation is to be carried out, a series of places for adding ice salt must be set up along the transportation route, so that the Cooler Cart can continuously replenish the "ice source" and maintain the refrigeration effect. .

Now, mechanical refrigerated trucks are more widely used. Its working principle is basically the same as that of a household refrigerator. It is also vaporized by absorbing heat from the refrigerant. The vaporized refrigerant enters the compressor to pressurize and heat up, and then enters the condenser to be cooled into liquid, and then enters a new round of endothermic refrigeration. Process. The mechanical refrigerated truck can keep the temperature in the compartment below -18°C for a long time. Therefore, many people call this refrigerated truck a "mobile super refrigerator", which is both vivid and accurate.

With the continuous increase of people's living needs, refrigeration and preservation technology has also developed more and more. In addition to various effective fresh-keeping treatments for the food itself that needs to be refrigerated, storage and transportation tools and methods such as refrigerated ships and refrigerated containers have also appeared one after another, which provides a more practical choice for the transportation of refrigerated materials.

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