Update: 2022/06/03

    Outdoor Patio Cooler Cart is one of our products. T […]

    Outdoor Patio Cooler Cart is one of our products. The following is the first part of the frequently asked questions about the use of refrigerated trucks.

  1. The refrigerator can reduce the temperature of the goods to the lower temperature limit of the refrigerator.

  Answer: Wrong.

  The function of the box is to keep warm, and the function of the refrigerator is to ensure that the temperature of the goods in the box remains unchanged, but it cannot guarantee that the temperature of the goods decreases. For example, some customers who pull meat directly put the meat of the animal that has just been slaughtered into the box, and the temperature of the refrigerator cannot be lowered. That's why. A refrigerator can easily reduce the temperature of the air, but it is difficult to reduce the temperature of the goods, because the specific heat value of the goods is nearly 1000 times that of the air.

  2. Commodities with low temperature are difficult to beat, and commodities with high temperature are easy to cool down?

  Answer: Wrong.

  The temperature of the ice cream is controlled at -18 degrees, and it is easy to pass. On the contrary, the temperature of Mengniu's probiotic milk, as well as fruits and vegetables, yeast, and self-heating items is difficult to control. When the temperature inside the box decreases, the temperature of the cargo does not necessarily decrease. For Mengniu's probiotic milk, the temperature in the probiotic cup can only be controlled at about 4 degrees if the temperature of the box is controlled at about -4 degrees. That's it.

  3. The less the goods, the better the temperature?

  Answer: Wrong.

  The less the goods, the greater the air volume in the box, which is one of the reasons why Mengniu's probiotic milk is invincible. Reasons: 1) The volume of semi-cargo by air is too large. 2) The goods themselves are fermented to generate heat.

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