Update: 2022/05/27

●The correct operation method for Stainless Steel Coole […]

●The correct operation method for Stainless Steel Cooler Cart

  1. Correct operation can ensure that the goods can be stored and transported in good condition.

  Only the correct use and operation of refrigerated trucks can ensure the good delivery and preservation of goods. Because refrigerated trucks are specially designed for temperature-sensitive products

  Therefore, the guarantee of temperature is the key to refrigerated trucks. If used or handled improperly, the goods will not be kept in good condition

  or shipping.

  2. Preventive maintenance can minimize maintenance and operating costs.

  In our normal use process, the maintenance and maintenance of the vehicle and the refrigerator are inseparable. Only the equipment is properly maintained on time and

  Maintenance can ensure the normal use of the equipment and prolong the service life of the equipment. Usually the chassis engine is maintained and maintained according to the mileage,

  The refrigeration unit is maintained and maintained according to the working hours of the engine. The usual refrigeration unit is 500 to 700 hours for maintenance and maintenance, it is necessary to replace the oil filter, fuel filter, air filter; and pay attention to check the tightness of the belt, whether there is leakage in the refrigeration system, etc.;

  In order to meet the needs of environmental protection, brand refrigeration units (such as American Cold King), try to reduce the damage to the environment and reduce the discharge of harmful substances, so use

  Replace regular oil with synthetic or semi-synthetic oil

  Therefore, the maintenance time of the engine is extended, and maintenance is usually performed every 2000 hours. Therefore, the discharge of waste oil is reduced. in addition,

  It has been proved by scientific experiments that the use of this high-end oil can not only reduce the wear and tear of the engine, but also reduce the fuel consumption of the engine.

  Therefore, scientific maintenance and maintenance can not only ensure the integrity of the equipment, but also reduce operating costs.

  3. Proper packaging is essential to protect the goods.

  For frozen goods, use non-ventilated packing boxes, and for fresh goods, use side-wall ventilated packing boxes. The packing box must be pressure resistant.

  Since the refrigerated cargo is not allowed to have wind blowing from the surface, because the wind blowing over the surface of the refrigerated cargo will cause the loss of moisture in the cargo, resulting in

  The quality of the goods has declined. This year, our country has formulated that bulk quick-frozen food is not allowed to be sold, and it must be packaged for sale. fresh

  Due to its own characteristics, the product is still in a breathing state during storage and transportation. If it is not well ventilated, the goods will be deteriorated and damaged. because

  This must ensure that such goods have good ventilation and ventilation.

  4. Set the thermostat to the required temperature, pre-cool the car for 1.5 hours to remove the heat trapped in the car; turn off the refrigeration unit when loading,

  Fast loading.

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