Frequently asked questions about the use of refrigerated trucks and refrigerators (2)

Update: 2022/06/10

Rolling Cooler Cart is one of our products. Here is the […]

Rolling Cooler Cart is one of our products. Here is the second part of the frequently asked questions about the use of refrigerated trucks.

  4. Can a good-quality refrigerator make mist out of the box?

  Answer: wrong.

  The main reason for the fog is too much moisture in the box, or poor drainage of the refrigerator, which is not a good phenomenon. You can judge it by looking at the thermometer. It can also be judged by the water outlet on the outside of the refrigerator box. If there is continuous water flowing out of the box during the heating process, it is normal. Otherwise, the artesian water outlet is blocked.

  5. Is the refrigerator placed under the sun to warm it up?

  Answer: wrong.

  The higher the ambient temperature outside the box, the worse the cooling effect. For example, 1) The refrigerator is exposed to the sun for a long time. 2) The short-term weather with a high temperature of 40 degrees in summer is a very severe test for the refrigerator, and there will be many problems in refrigeration.

  6. The temperature on the display of the refrigerator does not reach the temperature required by the goods, and the refrigerator is playing a negative role.

  Answer: wrong.

  When the ice cream leaves the warehouse, the temperature is -18 degrees. After packing, the refrigerator is turned on, and the display temperature is 2-3 degrees, or even 7-8 degrees, which is the temperature of the air in the cargo box. As the cooling continues, the temperature of the display is also decreasing. Some refrigerators can reach -18 degrees, and some refrigerators can not reach -18 degrees, such as -13 degrees, and there is no problem with the quality of the goods.

  7. The temperature of the refrigerator display is rising, which proves that the temperature of the goods is rising.

  Answer: wrong.

  The temperature of the display only represents the temperature of the air between the packages in the box, not the temperature of the goods. The specific heat value of the air is very low, which can easily cause the temperature to rise, but does not mean that the temperature of the goods increases.

  8. The larger the cooling capacity of the refrigerator, the better.

  Answer: wrong.

  The advantage of a large cooling capacity is that the cooling rate of the box is fast, the pressure in the compressor system drops quickly, and the horsepower of the engine is consumed less. However, the disadvantage is that the power consumption of the battery is relatively large, and the battery often loses power and cannot start a fire, especially for diesel vehicles. The good principle of installing refrigerators in refrigerated trucks is matching, big or small is not good.

  9. The domestic refrigerator of A family has a larger cooling capacity than the imported refrigerator of B family.

  Answer: wrong.

  There is no way to compare the cooling capacity of coolers with boxes of different sizes, not one level.

  10. The insulation of the box is not important, as long as it is matched with a good cooler.

  Answer: wrong.

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