Update: 2021/12/24

 Cooler Cart refrigeration unit is used to maintain the […]

 Cooler Cart refrigeration unit is used to maintain the temperature of the goods, make the goods do not deteriorate, and maintain the original freshness of the goods. Therefore, car owners should no longer mistakenly believe that refrigerated truck refrigeration units are used to reduce or heat the temperature of the goods, and should no longer be in this misunderstanding, resulting in incorrect use of refrigerated truck refrigeration units and reducing the service life of refrigerated truck refrigeration units.

  The refrigerated truck refrigeration unit has the same effect as in the past when the goods are wrapped in quilts and sold, preventing the exchange of heat and cold in the air from the outside, leading to the deterioration of the goods.

  When loading a small refrigerated truck, the compartment must first be pre-cooled or pre-heated. The refrigeration unit must be shut down during loading and unloading. There are some small details of the refrigerated truck refrigeration unit that need attention:

  This is because when we pre-cool the car, if we do not shut down the car and open the car door because the fan of the refrigeration unit evaporator is working, the front of the fan is positive pressure, and the back of the fan is negative pressure, so the air-conditioning is from the upper part of the car. Blow out, and the lower part will quickly suck in hot air from the outside, causing the temperature in the cabin to rise rapidly.

  If the cargo is loaded and unloaded after the machine is turned off, the airflow stops due to the fan being in a stopped state, and the wind pressure inside and outside the compartment is the same so that the speed of the transfer of external hot air into the compartment is relatively slow.

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