Update: 2021/12/17

Judging from the current development, the production te […]

Judging from the current development, the production technology level of my country's refrigerated trucks and insulation trucks has been close to the international advanced level, and the main performance indicators such as sealing performance are basically at the same level as developed countries. The products of our country and similar products of developed countries are mainly reflected in the varieties of refrigerated and insulated trucks. Developed countries use pertinence and equip different products with different devices. The variety and degree of specialization can be imagined.

  As society’s demand for refrigerated trucks increases, the amount of social ownership will increase. In order to reduce costs, increase production, and facilitate maintenance, refrigerated trucks will inevitably develop in the direction of standardization and serialization. At the same time, refrigerated trucks will also develop in the direction of heavy-duty and automobile trains. With the continuous increase of high-grade highways and expressways, the capacity of highways has increased, driving safety has been enhanced, and the speed of vehicles has increased, which is conducive to the development of heavy-duty refrigerated trucks and refrigerated trains. In order to adapt to the changes in the market, the development of refrigerated trucks in the direction of multiple varieties and small batches will be more adapted to the needs of the market.

  Experts predict that with the increasing and higher requirements for the use and performance of refrigerated trucks, it has become an inevitable trend that the production of refrigerated trucks will develop in the direction of multiple varieties and small batches. Medium-sized vehicles will be largely replaced by light, micro and heavy vehicles.

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