Update: 2022/06/24

Party Cooler Cart is one of our main products. Let me i […]

Party Cooler Cart is one of our main products. Let me introduce the origin of cold storage to you.

  Cold storage is a warehouse that uses cooling facilities to create suitable humidity and low temperature conditions. Also known as cold storage. It is the place where products are processed and stored. It can get rid of the influence of climate and prolong the storage period of various products to regulate market supply.

  Ice cellars in northern China are the primary stage of cold storage. According to legend, the Beihai Ice Cellar in Beijing was built in the Ming Dynasty and has been in use for four or five hundred years. In the middle of the 19th century, the world's first mechanical refrigeration device came out, and the use of artificial refrigeration equipment to control low temperatures was successful. Since then, cold storage buildings have developed rapidly in many countries, and all aspects of agricultural and livestock products from harvesting, and processing to commodity sales have been refrigerated. The construction of modern cold storage in China began in the early 20th century. Large and medium-sized cities already have a considerable number of cold storage, and their capacity is increasing. In addition, due to the development of air-conditioned storage technology, air-conditioned cold storage has also appeared. A decompression cold storage that can create a low-pressure, high-humidity environment is also being researched and designed. A cold storage is a building that uses artificial refrigeration [1] to make a fixed space reach a specified temperature, which is convenient for storing items. Cold storage can be widely used in food factories, dairy factories, pharmaceutical factories, chemical factories, fruit and vegetable warehouses, egg warehouses, hotels, hotels, supermarkets, hospitals, blood stations, troops, laboratories, etc. Cold storage is mainly used for constant temperature storage of food, dairy products, meat, aquatic products, poultry, fruits and vegetables, cold drinks, flowers, green plants, tea, medicines, chemical raw materials, electronic instruments, etc.

  Custom Cooler Cart is also one of our products, welcome to our website!

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