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Outdoor Cooler Cart is one of our products. If you want […]

Outdoor Cooler Cart is one of our products. If you want to cook a few "lazy dishes" that you can eat, of course, you still have to prepare some utensils and ingredients. In addition, the prepared ingredients also need to be stored in the refrigerator or freezer so that they will not break.

  Although there is no need to bring too complicated cooking equipment, the most basic equipment is still required. Like a casserole (still cook the food), pans, deep pots, stockpots, tongs, etc.


  Cooking methods

  Ingredients preparation: white bread, eggs, pepper/black pepper, mayonnaise, tomato (can be ignored)

  Boil the water, cook the eggs until fully cooked, then peel and crush them before adding the mayonnaise and some pepper. Then the tomato depends on personal preference~ You can leave it alone, it will add a little beauty.

  Big Breakfast

  Cooking methods

  Preparation of ingredients: sausage, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon, canned soybeans

  Preheat a pan and add some oil. Fry the sausage first (remember to make a few cuts on the sausage, you don't need to cut it completely).

  Next, fry the bacon, and the bacon can be brought up when it is rolled up and burnt.

  Fry the rest of the mushrooms until soft and cooked, remember to serve with the sausage at this time.

  After that you can fry eggs, fry tomatoes (sliced) and heat up soybeans.

  Serve on a plate.

  Scallion Pancakes

  Cooking methods

  Preparation of ingredients: ready-made scallion pancakes, oil

  Heat the pan, add some oil, then put the scallion pancakes in and fry them well!

  Of course, it is even more delicious with hot coffee

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