Take A Look at The Hot-Selling Portable Cooler Cart

Update: 2020/10/20

Portable cooler carts are mostly used for outdoor medic […]

Portable cooler carts are mostly used for outdoor medical services, and for many people, having a portable cooler cart adds a life guarantee. Let's take a look at the comprehensive analysis of the portable cooler cart with the editor of the staff for your reference.

Portable cooler cart-basic configuration

1. Structure: The box body and lid are made of injection molding and brand-new medical PE and PP materials, which are wear-resistant, drop-resistant and compressive.

2. Accessories: With movable handle, the strap can be removed freely, and automatic door lock.

3. Temperature display, real-time control of the internal temperature of the box to ensure the safety of items.

4. Heat preservation time: Under normal ambient temperature, after the ice box is frozen, according to the number of ice boxes, the temperature inside the box can be kept at 2~8℃≥24 hours.

5. Configuration: The box is equipped with three special frozen ice boxes as standard.

Portable cooler cart-features

1. The cooler cart and ice box have undergone 30 drop tests at a height of 10 meters, and there is no leakage or damage, and they can evenly bear 50kg.

2. Insulation layer: high-performance insulation, high-density foaming to ensure uniform and stable temperature.

3. Safe, non-toxic, non-corrosive, not afraid of collision, and easy to clean.

4. It can be carried, convenient and practical.

Portable cooler cart-scope of application

1. Suitable for the transportation, refrigeration and storage of blood, vaccines and biological reagents.

2. Hospitals, epidemic prevention stations, health centers, disease control centers, animal husbandry bureaus and other drug distribution and turnover.

3. Environmental testing center, laboratory testing, water conservancy, geology, etc., outgoing sampling, transportation and refrigeration.

4. Various low temperature and constant temperature requirements for carrying, transportation and storage of samples and samples.

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