Cooler Cart Humanized Design, Function Characteristic

Update: 2020/10/13

Cixi Xinshidai Electric is a cooler cart manufacturer. […]

Cixi Xinshidai Electric is a cooler cart manufacturer. The products we sell are mainly outdoor cooler carts, including cooler carts with wheels, party cooler carts, metal cooler cart, stainless steel cooler cart and beer cooler cart.

Cixi Xinshidai portable cooler cart:

2-8℃ portable incubator

Real-time monitoring with alarm function

Real-time monitoring with data analysis function

Cooler cart humanized design/function display:

1. Cooler cart with wheels, easy to move and more labor-saving

2. Safety lock design to ensure transportation safety

3.Stainless steel handle, comfortable to carry, auxiliary fixation

4.Metal lock, securely fixed

5. The ice box card slot can be placed horizontally or vertically, dividing multiple box spaces

6. Install a partition card slot to isolate the space and prevent extrusion

7. The air guide groove at the bottom of the box, the air inside the box is smooth, and the temperature is balanced LED liquid crystal display panel

Applicable fields:

Our cooler cart is mainly made of iron, PP and PU, and has two brake wheels and two universal wheels. The cooler cart can keep warm, with ice cubes, drinks, beer, red wine, etc., which is very suitable for parties , picnics, courtyards, beaches…

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