Push Rolling Cooler Cart is Very Convenient to Use

Update: 2021/05/18

Introduce an 80QT outdoor rattan hand-pushed rolling co […]

Introduce an 80QT outdoor rattan hand-pushed rolling cooler cart, which will add happiness and comfort to your life.

What are the characteristics of this product?

Shelves and side storage space: The bottom shelf provides additional storage space for your party use. It is large enough to hold extra snacks, fruits or party supplies. The display area on the side makes the countertop larger, and you can put the glass on it.

Keep cool and warm: The wicker cool trolley has the function of refrigeration and heat insulation, which can keep your beverages cool within 48 hours, keep warm within 8 hours, and control the temperature difference within 10 degrees Celsius within 8 hours

Easy to clean and assemble: The drain plug can remove excess water and is easy to clean and maintain. The frame has a setting for fixing the water pipe.

Multi-directional rollers: The rolling refrigerator has 4 multi-directional rollers. Conveniently move around, outdoor or indoor trolleybus with 2 wheels, with lock safety cooler cart

80 QT rattan cooler cart: can hold up to 100 cans / more than 50 bottles. The appearance of the wicker perfectly matches the surrounding environment. Ideal for any outdoor and indoor activities, such as backyard barbecues or pool parties.

The cooler cart can accommodate any gathering or occasion. Compared with other refrigerators, this refrigerator has the thickest insulation layer, which is comparable to refrigerator grades.

In addition to the above advantages, we also provide customers with customized services:

The color can be made according to your requirements

The pattern can be made according to the requirements of the company

Come and buy cooler carts to add happiness to the summer.

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