Common FAQ of The Rolling Cooler Cart

Update: 2021/04/27

Today, Cixi Xinshidai will tell you about rolling coole […]

Today, Cixi Xinshidai will tell you about rolling cooler cart information.

Where can you see the rolling cooler cart?

1. Outdoors: picnic, camping, barbecue, hunting, outing, etc.

2. Driving touring

3. Fishing

4. Hotel

5. Gym


7. Fast food and takeaway

8. Cold drink shop

9. Aquatic product transportation

10. Family: Food and beverage storage.

Whether you need it to stay cool and fresh, it is there.

What are the advantages of rolling a cooler cart?

1. It can keep food and drinks cold/hot for 24-36 hours when you are outdoors.

2. No electricity, energy saving, suitable for outdoor activities.

3. Portable handle, easy to carry

4. Tough box, strong, durable, storage capacity, suitable for sitting and resting.

5. It is anti-rust, anti-leakage, and drainage

How does the rolling cooler cart work better?

1) Do you want to put ice cubes?

2) Put the ice packs in the refrigerator for 6-12 hours, and then put them in the refrigerator.

For more product information, click here: cooler cart manufacturer.

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