Main Constituent Materials Of Refrigerated Truck Compartment

Update: 2022/08/05

    The materials of the cooler cart compartment are ma […]

    The materials of the cooler cart compartment are mainly divided into two types: "internal and external plates" and "insulation materials". Common internal and external plates used in refrigerated truck compartments mainly include glass steel plates, color steel plates, stainless steel plates, aluminum profiles, etc.

    Raw materials such as color steel plates are easy to cause cold bridges in the thermal insulation box, resulting in cold running and affecting the thermal insulation effect. FRP is the most popular and effective choice at present. Therefore, if you need to maintain a low temperature, you should not choose a relatively cheap color steel plate, and the temperature that flows away is also a cost.

    Commonly used thermal insulation materials for refrigerated truck compartments are polyurethane, polystyrene board, extruded plastic board, etc. The insulation effect of polyurethane of the same thickness is better than that of polystyrene board. Polystyrene board is used for cold storage board, but basically, it is more than 200mm. Green vegetables, fruits, eggs, etc. can be used if the low-temperature requirements are not very high, but frozen products and the like have ultra-high temperature requirements, so don't consider them.

    Extruded polystyrene is a new material with low cost, but good thermal insulation effect. Because the flatness itself is guaranteed, the bonding effect is also better. Some large manufacturers have already used it.

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