Cooler Cart Used In Different Places

Update: 2022/08/12

    Refrigerated trucks can be divided into mechanicall […]

    Refrigerated trucks can be divided into mechanically refrigerated trucks, freezer plate refrigerated trucks, liquid nitrogen refrigerated trucks, dry ice refrigerated trucks, etc. Refrigerated trucks are different from rolling cooler carts. Rolling cooler carts may be commonly found in hotels, beaches, bars, and other places, and are mainly used for refrigerating and thermal insulation of beverages and alcohol. And what are the different refrigerated trucks used for? 

    Mechanically refrigerated truck: The refrigerated truck is equipped with a compression refrigeration unit, and the temperature inside the vehicle is automatically controlled, which is very suitable for the transportation of short, medium, long-distance, or special refrigerated goods. The compartment has good thermal insulation, reducing the temperature inside the car outside, the refrigeration device occupies a small space, has the characteristics of being lightweight, safe, and reliable, and is not easy to fail.

    Liquid nitrogen refrigerated truck: simple installation, low initial investment, fast cooling speed, can better maintain the quality of food, no noise, compared with mechanical refrigeration device, the weight is greatly reduced. Disadvantages: The cost of liquid nitrogen is high, and it is difficult to supply liquid nitrogen during transportation. Large liquid nitrogen containers must be equipped for long-distance transportation, which reduces the effective cargo capacity.

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