With the improvement of living standards and changes in lifestyles, people's demand for quick-frozen, fresh-keeping food, milk, flowers and other foods is increasing. The refrigerated compartment plays a vital role in the transportation process. It is not only the key equipment of the refrigerated truck, but also the key to ensuring the preservation of perishable food during transportation.

Compared with ordinary trucks, what is special about refrigerated trucks? Here is a simple classification for everyone. From the structural point of view, refrigerated trucks can generally be divided into three parts: insulated compartments, car chassis, and refrigeration units.

Insulated compartment:

A refrigerated truck compartment is different from a regular truck. It has good sealing and thermal insulation properties to ensure that refrigerated products are in a stable temperature environment. The design of the cabin mainly focuses on airtightness, thermal insulation, and light weight. The structure of the carriage board generally adopts a three-layer structure, and the inner and outer skins are made of high-quality glass fiber reinforced plastic and fiber felt materials.

The material of the inner panel varies according to the goods being transported, and the most expensive inner panel is stainless steel.

The closed box board is generally made by wet bonding method, heated and pressurized by special laminator equipment, and pressed into a closed and organic whole at one time.

In addition to the material, the thickness of the compartment panel also determines the quality of the thermal insulation effect. The thicker the thermal insulation layer of the compartment panel, the better the thermal insulation effect. However, the interior space in the compartment is reduced and the cargo loading capacity is reduced. Users should choose according to their actual needs. proper thickness.

Select the corresponding box according to the transport items. For example, a refrigerated truck that transports chilled meat requires customized meat hanging slides; a refrigerated truck that transports a variety of items to a store, with small batches and many varieties, requires a multi- temperature refrigerated truck.

Select the corresponding compartment according to the required temperature of the item. If the small store is loaded and unloaded frequently, the door needs to be opened frequently, and the required car body is also different. Users can consult and order from professional refrigerated truck manufacturers according to their specific needs.

Car chassis:

When choosing a chassis for a refrigerated truck, it is necessary to consider the structure and bearing capacity of the chassis, fuel-saving performance, emission standards, etc., according to the tonnage of the cargo, road conditions, etc.

Compared with the chassis of ordinary trucks, refrigerated trucks also need to focus on the stability of the chassis. Refrigerated trucks have higher requirements on the transportation environment. If a fault occurs on the road and the goods deteriorate, the loss will be great. Users can consult and order from professional refrigerated truck manufacturers according to their specific needs.

refrigeration unit

According to the power source, it can be divided into non-independent units and independent units. Dependent refrigeration units do not have an engine, and the compressor is driven by the vehicle's own engine. Self-contained refrigeration units have their own engine and do not need to be driven by the vehicle's engine.

There is also a type of unit that does not use a belt system, but transmits power through an electrical system. This type of unit is called an all-electric unit. This unit has low fuel consumption, stable performance and simple maintenance, and is the most advanced product in the industry.

The model and size of the refrigeration unit needs to be determined according to the type of transported goods, the size of the thermal insulation compartment, the thermal conductivity of the thermal insulation material, the set temperature value in the compartment and the usable area of the vehicle, which can not only ensure the cooling capacity of the unit, but also It can meet the temperature requirements in the cabin, and can avoid the waste of resources due to excessive cooling capacity. Users can consult and order from professional refrigerated truck manufacturers according to their specific needs.

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