Xinshidai Stainless Steel Cooler Cart Product Highlights

Update: 2021/04/13

This Xinshidai stainless steel cooler cart keeps your f […]

This Xinshidai stainless steel cooler cart keeps your favorite beverages cold.

With a cooler cart with wheels, no matter where you are, your drink is always ready to use. A cool shopping cart, designed for icy methods, this mobile refrigerated cart is perfect for dining, parties and most other events. In addition, it has a smooth stainless steel finish, which is modern.

Here is a brief introduction to the characteristics of the stainless steel cooler cart:

1. Large capacity

With a capacity of 60QT and an ample bottom rack, you can easily store all your beverages, cups and napkins in one place for service! When you need some varieties, you can put 32 bulk cans or bottles on the bottom shelf, or you can put 12 packs of beer for large-capacity storage.

2. Stainless steel parts

The cart includes a sturdy ring handle for easy operation, and a removable bottle opener for fast and efficient bottle service. The removable cap catcher further ensures convenience, keeping the caps on the ground and storing them safely. The cap collector can hold up to 50 caps, which then need to be emptied.

3. Threaded drain plug

In order to keep the drinks cool at all times, the drain plug with a chain at the bottom of the device can be easily opened to release the melted ice, thereby making room for you to freshen the ice around the drink without heavy lifting.

4. Easy to transport

Four 3-inch casters can be easily moved to the desired position. Once you reach that position, the two casters will lock to secure the refrigerated truck in place.

5. Double hinged cover

The double-hinged lid of the cart is open on both sides for easy access and maximum coldness.

As a professional cooler cart manufacturer, Cixi Xinshidai has a variety of styles to choose from. For details, please consult the official website:

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