Why Is Xinshidai Stainless Steel Cooler Cart Hot?

Update: 2021/08/23

Why is Xinshidai stainless steel cooler cart so hot? He […]

Why is Xinshidai stainless steel cooler cart so hot? Here is a brief list:

304 stainless steel:

This stylish design is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, with a beautiful appearance and good heat insulation effect, which can ensure that your beverage stays cold for a long time. Even if the ice is left in the cooler cart outside, the ice will not completely melt for several days.

Large capacity:

This cooler cart has a capacity of 80 quarts/20 gallons/96 aluminum cans, which can accommodate any party or occasion.


The 3"x1" casters allow you to easily move and manipulate the cooler cart in the backyard, patio or social events. Lock the casters to fix the cooler cart in place, you don't have to worry about it moving during use.

Suitable for any occasion:

This stainless steel refrigerator is equipped with its own bottle opener, allowing you to easily open any bottle, so you never have to worry about finding a bottle opener. Not only that, the included cap catcher ensures that you don't have to spend time picking up the cap from the ground.

Additional storage space:

The bottom shelf provides additional storage space for easy refilling and easy transportation of food, additional drinks or other items.

Easily clean up:

The back of the cooler cart is designed with a drain plug, which can easily drain the cooler cart. The attached bottle cap catcher will ensure that your bottle cap will not get dirty.

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