The Wicker Woven Cooler Cart is A New Fashion

Update: 2020/12/29

The Xinshidai 80QT Cooler Cart is another popular resin […]

The Xinshidai 80QT Cooler Cart is another popular resin wicker cooler that has a traditional cooler style combined with the mobility of being elevated and on wheels.

As the name suggests, the cooler holds around 80 quarts which are plenty large for most typical outdoor gatherings. At this size, you can expect it to hold around 80 cans. While the manufacturer states that it can actually hold up to 100, we have found that after adding ice, you may be hard-pressed to fit 100 cans in there.

There is a bottom shelf that provides additional storage for items that you don't have to keep cooler. This can include things such as yard toys, towels, cookware, and more. It is worth noting that this bottom shelf area is fully exposed so if you plan on keeping food items in there, make sure that they are in a closed container.

Another feature that we like is the lid which is made of stainless steel and is very easy to open. There is a bottle opener and bottle cap catch bin attached to the side to open up the stored beverages as well. When the ice has melted, you can release the water through the drain plug located on the back of the cooler. Speaking of ice, there is a small amount of insulation and ice life seems to be a few hours.

From a looks standpoint, the Xinshidai 80QT party cooler cart is a very attractive product. The resin wicker finish looks authentic and should be a stylish addition to any outdoor residential area. As for assembly, it is quite simple and should only take around half of an hour to complete.

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