The Shell Color And Material of Cooler Cart Can Be Customized

Update: 2021/09/06

This 80QT outdoor woodern cooler cart will add elegance […]

This 80QT outdoor woodern cooler cart will add elegance to any backyard and outdoor patio. Entertain your guests with this beautiful powder-coated steel rolling courtyard cooler cart, and its injection-molded insulation technology keeps your beverages cold for several hours.

It can hold 118-12 ounces (about 340.2 ml) jars, with enough space for ice cubes. It is powder-coated, has a long service life, and has a separate double cover for easy access to cold drinks. Once you have your favorite drink, you can easily remove the cap using the convenient bottle opener and cap collector.

This courtyard cooler cart includes four heavy-duty casters for easy movement, and two locks to achieve stability in the desired area. This patio cooler can easily roll to wherever you need to go. Just pull the plug and drain after use. The convenient lower shelf/shelf provides extra space for extra drinks or other items you want to store.

Our cooler cart is mainly made of iron, PP and PU, and has two brake wheels and two universal wheels. The cooler cart can keep warm, with ice cubes, drinks, beer, red wine, etc., which is very suitable for parties , picnics, courtyards, beaches…

The cooler cart is available in 80QT and 60QT volumes. In addition, the color of each product can be customized according to the requirements of customers, and the logo can be printed or pressed directly on the product. Fashion and high quality cooler cart, welcome to buy.

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