The Handle Stainless Steel Cooler Cart is Very Powerful

Update: 2021/03/30

This period of time is very suitable for meeting a few […]

This period of time is very suitable for meeting a few friends on a spring outing for a picnic. The handle stainless steel cooler cart will surprise you. Let's take a brief look at this product.

This is an 80QT rolling cooler cart. This cool shopping cart can add beauty to your terrace and is very powerful. This will be an ideal tool for cooling beverages such as beer, beverages and juicy beverages. This stainless steel refrigerated truck has the function of refrigeration and heat preservation, which can keep your beverages cool for a longer period of time, up to 72 hours.

For convenience, this refrigerated truck includes two top covers, both of which can be opened, so you can take out drinks from both sides. The refrigerated truck has four wheels, you can easily move it, especially when used outdoors. The bottle opener and capper will help you provide a stable drink for your guests. Don't hesitate, just buy one.

Hardened powder coating. Four wheels (2 with brakes), easy to move and stop. With a bottle opener, the bottle can be opened easily and conveniently.

With a bottle cap catcher for collecting bottle caps. The easy-to-fill, liftable top makes it easy to add and remove beverage bottles. 2The foldable back cover is convenient for maintenance from both sides.

Xinshidai cooler cart is available in 80QT and 60QT volumes. In addition, the color of each product can be customized according to the requirements of customers, and the logo can be printed or pressed directly on the product. Fashion and high quality cooler cart, welcome to buy.

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