The Current Cooler Is More Functionally Complete

Update: 2022/10/21

    Soft-sided coolers became popular in the 1970s when […]

    Soft-sided coolers became popular in the 1970s when Coleman and Igloo began making specialty containers made of vinyl and nylon. Granted, these materials are not as durable as hard plastic or metal, but they are also lighter and easier to clean.

    In 1992, Igloo put wheels and a handy handle on the cooler. This simple innovation improved the portability of their coolers, which allowed Igloo to start releasing models with greater storage capacity. With the development of modern technology, the cooler has become multifunctional. Coolers are no longer limited to soft bodies, and metal cooler carts with wheels have begun. This cooler has more functions to meet more needs.

    Outdoor patio coolers take into account not only build quality, ice retention, and storage space, but also furniture style. They blend well with patio furniture and look much better than refrigerators. Equipped with wheels for easy mobility, it's perfect for any outdoor setting, whether it's a backyard BBQ, picnic, or even the beach. The refrigerated truck has a beautiful contemporary style that blends well with garden and patio furniture. Its high-quality construction, large capacity, and affordable price make it our top choice. It has a large cooler that can easily hold up to 96 aluminum cans. Keeps cool for 48 hours and warm for 8 hours. The exquisite design with a bottle opener and bottle cap clip on the side takes into account the actual needs of life and is more convenient to use. The lower shelf provides additional storage space and stabilizes the cart to prevent it from wobbling. Four casters ensure easy movement, making it ideal for any outdoor and indoor environment.

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