The Convenience Of Mobile Cooler Cart

Update: 2022/09/09

    Mobile cooler carts are specially designed to use t […]

    Mobile cooler carts are specially designed to use the ice cooling method and are perfect for dining, parties, and most other events. Plus, a sleek stainless steel finish, gives it a modern look.

    The mobile refrigerated truck includes a sturdy ring handle for easy handling and a removable bottle opener for quick and efficient bottle maintenance. Removable cap catchers further ensure convenience, keeping caps off the floor for safe storage.

    To keep your beverages always cool, the unit threaded drain plug opens easily to release melted ice, giving you room to freshen the ice around your beverage without the heavy lifting.

    A large 80-quart capacity and ample 23 5/8" x 10 5/8" x 3" chassis and 11 1/2" clearance allow you to store and transport all your active beverages in one place.

Four movable casters facilitate easy movement to the desired position, and once you get there, two casters lock to hold the refrigerated truck in place.

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