Outdoor Patio Rolling Cooler Cart is Really The Best Party

Update: 2020/12/08

If you let you design the cold box of your dreams, what […]

If you let you design the cold box of your dreams, what functions would you equip it with? Is it a cutting board, a bottle opener, an LED lighting, a car Bluetooth stereo, a USB charger, or a cool blender? Now, a rolling cooler cart called Xinshidai has appeared on Kickstarter, which has all the functions mentioned above and can be said to be an essential tool for summer travel.

This rolling cooler cart can be said to be full of "strange feelings". As a mobile cooler box for vehicles, with so many extra functions, it seems a bit unsuccessful. If you only look at the function settings of the cooler cart, some people think it is impractical and some people think it is too idealistic, but Xinshidai has come up with solutions to all possible problems through a product.

Now let's take a look at what are the unique functions of Xinshidai rolling cooler cart?

Support LED lighting function;

The side partition can be used as a cutting board;

A fruit knife slot is designed under the cover;

Movable waterproof Bluetooth wireless speaker;

With a handle, it is easy to move.

This outdoor patio cooler cart is very suitable for hosting an outdoor party. You can fully experience the convenience brought by the cooler cart. On summer nights, a few friends are blowing the wind on the rooftop, drinking iced drinks and eating fresh fruits. What a pleasant thing.

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