Metal Cooler Cart is The Good Selling Product of The Season

Update: 2021/08/02

As a hot-selling product of the season, what are the ch […]

As a hot-selling product of the season, what are the characteristics of the metal cooler cart? Here is a brief introduction.

Product size 60QT or 80QT, wheel size :3" with 2 locking casters

GW/NW 19/21 KGS


1. Rolling cooler cart with Bottel Cap-catcher and tray. Has two lids for easy access

2.The lid, body, tray, and feet are made of steel with powder-coated. The inner tank is food pp

3.3”easy-roll wheels include two brakes.

4.Surface coating processing, beautiful and durable.

5.Imported insulation material to keep the temperature. The brand-new insulating layer foaming technique can produce even and dense foams, which can keep the temperature for more than 72 hours.


According to customer’s requirement.


Box Body, lid, foot, tray and handle are steel with powder coating. The inner tank is PP. The lid handle and bottle opener are stainless steel and the bottle-cap catcher is steel with powder coating, with Bottle opener and bottle-cap catcher.

In addition, people are most concerned about the refrigeration time. Xinshidai cooler cart can guarantee no less than 8 hours of outdoor refrigeration time.

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