Update: 2022/05/13

    We have many products such as Outdoor Patio Cooler […]

    We have many products such as Outdoor Patio Cooler Cart. There are also incubators on refrigerated trucks. Incubators have become more and more common, and they can be seen in many places in life. With the widespread use of incubators, many people want to extend the service life of incubators and do not know how to do it. Let me share with you some insulation boxes. Small common sense of maintenance in the use of the box.   

1. Please check whether the box is damaged before use. Once damaged, please repair or stop using it immediately.   

2. The incubator should be handled with care to avoid violent impact, drop and extrusion, which will cause damage to the insulation layer and affect the insulation performance.  

3. The outer layer of beef tendon cloth is the seal of the incubator. It must be kept intact. Pay attention to use to avoid hanging or falling.   

4. When the incubator is in use, the items that need to be transported can only be placed in the box after the temperature in the box is continuously stable in the required temperature range.   

5. When packing the items, pay attention to the plastic bags to seal the items, so as to avoid the unnecessary impact of the ice discharge leakage on the items   

6. After packing the items, if there is still more space in the incubator, please find foam, newspapers, plastic bags, etc. to fill the gaps, so as to avoid bumping and damaging the medicines due to shaking during transportation   

7. Please reduce the frequency of opening the incubator during use to avoid the loss of cold storage in the box, and try not to exceed 1 minute each time the lid is opened.   

8. Please use a soft towel or damp cloth dipped in water or neutral detergent to wipe and clean the incubator. Do not use strong acid, alkali or strong oxidant for washing and disinfection   

9. Keep the inside of the box clean and dry, and it is forbidden to scrub with organic solvents or touch the inner liner of the box. When cleaning the incubator, do not pour water into the incubator to avoid artificial damage to the box. Water enters the insulation layer and affects the insulation performance.    

10. Before and after the use of the incubator or before storage, please dry the moisture and stains inside and outside the box, and keep the inside and outside of the box clean to prevent mold and odor.

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