Go for A Picnic, Anyway There is Such A Cute Cooler Cart

Update: 2020/11/24

Blue sky and white clouds, soft and fragrant green gras […]

Blue sky and white clouds, soft and fragrant green grass, picnic baskets made of bamboo and rattan, picnic cloth with checkered patterns... Hey, let's go on a picnic together.

First, some sandwiches and small cakes, the Orleans chicken wings on the small oven sizzle. Hey, I would like to have some sweet juice or cold beer, or fresh melons with a hint of coolness. In the hot summer, cold is the best seasoning.

Last month, we did a survey on contemporary urban youth picnics, and we went on a picnic together. At that time, I hesitated for a long time about the "must take picnic". But today, I just want to tell everyone out loud: Come and see this super cute cooler cart.

This lightweight and portable cute party cooler cart, with a retro shape and red and white color scheme, is definitely the most eye-catching supporting role for picnic photos. It is made of durable stamped steel and has a large capacity of 60QT in the space. The articulated roof is fixed by a heavy-duty lid lock to ensure that the air-conditioning will not easily run away. It can perfectly maintain a low temperature and is very suitable for storing various foods. And drinks. The bottom compartment is equipped with an internal drain plug, which can be easily drained if the filled ice cubes melt.

If you want to buy an outdoor cooler cart, please contact us.

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