Cooler Cart Precise Temperature Control System

Update: 2020/09/22

Today we will introduce the detailed product descriptio […]

Today we will introduce the detailed product description of the new era cooler cart:

1. Precise temperature control system

Adopt high-precision computer temperature control system to accurately keep the internal temperature of the cabinet stable at 2~8℃; three-digit high-brightness digital display, the temperature setting value can be fine-tuned within the range of 0℃~10℃, the temperature display accuracy is 0.1℃, resolution 0.1℃, adjust the increment by 0.1℃.

The unique high-resolution temperature calibration function, the set point can be adjusted for calibration, the calibration range is 0~10℃, and the calibration is 0.1℃ increments.

2. Refrigeration system

Adopt original German DANFOSS compressor;

German "EBM" cooling fan;

Panasonic evaporator (refrigeration pipeline in the box);

Non-fluorine environmental protection refrigeration system, manufacturing green products, creating green.

3. Humanized design

Horizontal structure, large storage volume.

The high-quality steel wire dipping basket is easy to access and operate and easy to clean.

Large-screen digital display is easy to observe.

The safety door lock design prevents arbitrary opening.

Wide voltage band, suitable for 187-242V voltage.

The box body is made of high-quality structural steel plate, and the surface color is soft after the anti-corrosion phosphate spraying process is selected.

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