Cooler Cart Keeps Your Favorite Drink Cold

Update: 2021/06/01

With this 60QT metal cooler cart, no matter where you a […]

With this 60QT metal cooler cart, no matter where you are, your beverages can be enjoyed at any time with a cooler cart. This mobile cooler cart is specially designed for use with the ice cooling method and is perfect for dining, parties and most other events. In addition, it uses a stylish stainless steel finish, which has a modern feel.

High capacity

A big one, 60QT. Capacity and ample 23 5/8" x 10 5/8" x 3" bottom shelf and 11 1/2" gap allow you to store and transport all your active drinks in one place, as well as cups and drinks​​​​! When you need some variety, you can put 32 loose cans or bottles on the bottom shelf, or you can put 12 bags of beer for mass storage.

Stainless steel parts

The cart includes a sturdy ring handle for easy operation, and a detachable bottle opener for fast and efficient bottle service. The removable cap catcher further ensures convenience, keeping the cap on the floor and storing it safely. This cap catcher can hold up to 50 caps before it needs to be emptied!

Thread drain plug

In order to keep your drinks cold at all times, the threaded drain plug with a chain at the bottom of the device can be easily opened to release melted ice cubes, giving you space to refresh the ice cubes around the beverage without heavy work.

Easy to transport

Four 3" casters help to easily move to the desired position. Once you reach that position, the two casters will lock to hold the cooler cart in place.

Double hinged lid

The double hinged lid of this cart opens on both sides for easy access and maximum cold storage.

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