Compatibility of Modern Cooler Cart

Update: 2022/04/08

With the weather warming up, you're probably looking fo […]

With the weather warming up, you're probably looking forward to enjoying some sun with a cold drink in hand. Our build-it-yourself mobile cooler allows you to host outdoor gatherings in style and will keep your refreshments chilled for hours so your guests can help themselves without continued trips to the house. Stay cool and party on.

When you’re traveling over mostly clear ground you can set up the wheels so the cooler is level when you set it down. For rough terrain or going over sandy areas the wheels can be adjusted to provide greater ground clearance.

The handle is a separate attachment to the wheels and built to slot perfectly into the molded cooler handle. It telescopes out to two different lengths and folds down flat against the side of the cooler when not in use.

If you pretty exclusively go on beach trips offers an upgraded set of tires designed to move easily on sand. They’re wider and better suited for rolling on shifting sands.

The combination of adjustable wheels, easy set up, and telescoping handle makes it really easy to maneuver your cooler across just about any ground type. We found it comfortable to use with either the left or right hand and generally a really well put together add on for a great cooler.

Modern coolers are tougher, better insulated, and generally nicer than ever before. No matter how good the coolers themselves get though, there's always the problem of humping them across sand dunes, campgrounds, and ball fields. A cooler wheel kit lets you convert your top of the line cooler into a much more mobile and manageable situation. Today we're reviewing the best cooler wheel kits to help you find the one that not only fits your cooler, but gives you the performance you demand.

Wheel Size and Thickness

The size and thickness of a cooler’s wheels plays a major role in where you can take it. If you only need to wheel your cooler around on pavement or other smooth and level surfaces any size wheels will do.

For most of us though we’re a lot more likely to bring a cooler to a campsite, grassy ball field, or sandy beach. Large and thick wheels make it a whole lot easier to maintain traction while moving your cooler across these surfaces.

You should also consider whether you want solid core tires or pneumatic (air-filled) ones. Solid core tires require less upkeep but will be noticeably heavier as tire size goes up.

Pneumatic tires can be a lot bigger and a lot thicker without adding on more weight. It gives you the added benefit of being able to adjust the air pressure for conditions.

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